Dumbo Diaspora

By Dale Kaplan
Edited by Gisella Snailer
Cover Photo by Ernesto Gonzalez

Keeping the Community Connected


Rain, shine or pandemic, the mission of Dumbo Direct will continue.  We are here to keep our amazing community connected. 

While we are spread out at this unprecedented period, we are confident that our members will continue to create and make the best of a situation. Whether it will be in the form of art, poetry, photography, an idea or observation we want to hear from you. This is what we are all about.

Here is our first compilation of images from Dumbo and the Dumbo diaspora.  Stay safe, stay well, stay kind and composed.


‘til we meet again and with love,

Dale Kaplan and Joseph Setton.

“It reminds me of Dumbo in the 90’s man.” 

Photo by Ernesto Gonzalez

Dumbo, March 26, 2020 .

Susan – Four Questions

Artist/Chef Susan Baldassano  prepares for  an untraditional Passover as she asks the president these four questions at the Seder table.

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Dale – 6 FT.

Public service announcement on Dale Kaplan’s kitchen window overlooking Eastern Parkway.

Medium: Painter’s tape. 


“The boys and I had some fun over the weekend making portraits from everyday objects lying around the apartment.”

– Stefan Killen, Artist

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“I ❤️ NY… at a distance… Taken a few weeks ago… Amazing the difference a day can make… Did you know 1 of 7 kids live in hunger and rely on school lunches for their meal?
With schools shut down all over the country it’s important that we help bring nutrients and hope to these children… There is no ‘I’ in team. Love from Bklyn, NY.”

– Nadia Block, Photographer

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check out @nokidhungry on instagram or www.nokidhungry.org to learn more and support!

Loop of the Loom

Right before STAY AT HOME guidelines, this lovely young girl came to the Loop of the Loom at 197 Plymouth Street to make a mask for herself and her mom. She came at the right time since the workshop was canceled the following week. You can now find cotton masks on their website.

Loop in the Loom is a magical Japanese weaving studio.  When all is back to normal, it will be a great place to go with friends and family to weave your own masterpiece… something to look forward to in Dumbo.

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Thank you Jackson, cashier at Dumbo Market. You are a New York hero. Jackson comes on mass transit everyday from Jamaica Queens to serve the Dumbo community. We love you. Please tip generously. He soooo deserves. it. And thank you Dumbo Market. 

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“Detail from a work in progress. working from home. Imaginary people.”

“Feeling Lazy, sitting in the sunny kitchen/makeshift art studio with the cat trying to forget about the reality of what’s happening outside. Quiet punctured by occasional sirens. NYC in lockdown.”

– Samantha Keely Smith, Artist

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“Been locked down with my favorite pets.” 

– Leonard Ursachi, Artist

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“Cheering for the first responders, doctors, nurses, and all those on the frontlines. The closest I have to the notion of cheering are my cheerleader series. This painting is titled “Jump,” (2019, oil on linen, 44 x 36 inches). Thought it would be good to share an image that cheers us on. The title was inspired by Van Halen’s song of the same name. Interesting little tidbit: During Damien Hirst’s show of spot paintings at Gagosian Gallery (two years ago?) I overheard a visitor in the gallery mention (to her friend) that the spots (and the paintings themselves) were like viruses – because there were so many, and they kept coming, they spread, they morphed, etc. It was an odd albeit entertaining perception for better or worse of the work. And here we are… In addition to cheering on those on the frontlines, let’s give it up for patients, and all of us who are taking responsibility for being careful and staying safe and by virtue keeping others safe. We are a community. The girl in the painting incidentally is wearing a mask; you just can’t see it. Peace.”

– Marc Dennis, Artist

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Stefan Killen

Loop of the Loom

Leonard Ursachi

Marc Denis

Nadia Block Photography

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