Know Thy Neighbor(hood) ūüėä‚Äč

Dale & Joseph DUMBO DIRECT

This site is our love poem to Dumbo. Our goal is to create a platform for Dumbo businesses, artists and individuals to connect and collaborate.

Our neighborhood is flourishing with  abundant creativity and imagination and it is our vision that Dumbo Direct will assist in elevating business and social opportunities for all.  Amazing stories. tips and ideas are coming your way. 

Dumbo¬†Direct…Know thy neighbor and grow your passion

Dale Kaplan (23 Years in DUMBO) & Joseph Setton

In Memoriam…

Alan Klayminc 
DUMBO DIRECT’s Guardian angel

Dale’s husband Alan Klayminc understood the importance of community. He was known as the ‚Äúmayor‚ÄĚ of his Brooklyn neighborhood of Mill Basin. After he retired as a Junior High School he spent his days tutoring children free of charge. Every afternoon he helped kids further their education by bringing them puzzles, games, stickers, books, films and of course candy.¬† He loved to hang out at his local pizza place, Dagan Pizza, in order to help immigrant workers navigate an unfamiliar system. He was a kind and incredibly generous human being who was loved by all who knew him.


Alan was a great help and support in the relaunch of Dumbo Direct. He knew that I shared his love of community and was thrilled to hear that Pedro Rosenbleuth, the original founder of Dumbo Direct had chosen me to continue the publication’s tradition after a 15 year hiatus.  Without Alan’s love and support the relaunched Dumbo Direct, my love poem to this community,  would never have come to fruition. Joseph and I will strive our hardest to continue to make you proud. It’s a promise.

Alan Klayminc