Samantha Keely Smith – Artist

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    Samantha Keely Smith paints fictional landscapes and portraits, and meditative abstractions.


    Psychological landscape paintings that examine the impact of the escalating climate crisis on the subconscious. Heavily influenced by dreams, the paintings depict imaginary places at the boundary of the things inside us and the changing world around us.


    The portraits explore how memories evolve over time, are reconstructed with each remembrance, and are further distorted through the lens of our inner lives, ultimately coalescing into a fictional version of a person or event. The subjects of the portraits are sometimes loosely based on people known to the artist, but most often they are, like the landscapes, completely fictional - constructed and pieced together from various sources.


    Aerial is a series of meditative abstract works. The paintings suggest elements of the natural world that are in constant flux and provide a centering rhythm.

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    Samantha Keely Smith

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