With Choreographers Lilach Orenstein and Meredith Glisson
By Dale Kaplan
Photos by Philip Greenberg

Designed by Alex Hochberg

Dumbo’s on the move with choreographers/visionaries  Meridith Glisson, 39, and Lilach Orenstein, 30, founders of MOtiVE Brooklyn, an untraditional residency for dancers and performance artists.  Straight out of the incubator and into full launch, the festivities took place last fall in The Dumbo Archway and at their new studio space at 68 Jay Street. Unlike traditional residencies, which normally expect a finished performance piece upon conclusion, MOtiVE has chosen to do away with this requirement. “Our goal is a true departure from the usual ”  states Glisson.  “Artists can choose to develop an entire performance piece or just concentrate on a certain aspect of a creative concept.”

The duo met in 2018 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where Meridith mentored Lilach with her graduate thesis project. The roles were reversed when Meredith was granted a residency at The Center at West Park, a non-profit community performing arts center based in the West Park Presbyterian Church in Manhattan.  The young choreographers not only discovered how well they worked together, but also that they shared a similar philosophy and vision.

Although based in New York,  MOtiVEis also reaching out internationally and taking advantage of its connections overseas.  Artists from Berlin, Norway, Israel, and London have already been accepted  into the MOtiVE residency.  International artists are often curious to experience how their work will be received outside their home country.

Pedagogical practices are also included in the MOtiVE mix as well as a mentorship program. For those who are interested in sharing their passions with others or working on an experimental concept for a class, you can also apply.  If you have an idea that you would like to try out, this is your  opportunity.   MOtiVE will also be teaching their own curated group of classes including yoga, improvisation, and a workshop exploring how emotions circulate through the body.   A movement workshop designed specifically for actors will be offered in January.

Their 6-week mentorship program will be broken down into groups of four artists who share similar goals. Each group will meet once a week with a mentor and protegees will receive rehearsal space in the MOtiVE studio to practice their ideas.

Although Lilach’s and Meridith’s goal is to become a non-profit arts organization, they are currently self-funding their Artist-in-Residence program.  Unable at this time to provide a monetary stipend,  compensation will be offered in the form of creative services. Each package will be tailored to the individual. Some of the services include website design, dramaturgy, mentorship, and even a place to stay while in the program.

MOtiVE also seeks to establish a network of creative services to share with their grantees. They are eager to seek out and form relationships with lighting designers, sound engineers, composers, musicians, set designers, and all professionals who contribute to the beauty and success of a  performance.

Dumbo Direct is honored that you have chosen this community for your vision.   While our neighborhood is known as a haven for creatives, it has been heavily dominated by the visual arts. The pandemic has changed this dynamic and currently, creatives of all disciplines are moving into our community including choreographers, composers, martial artists, and even one quantum physicist.  

Wishing you abundant success and welcome to Dumbo.

WEBSITE: motivebrooklyn.com




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