Dumbo Does Good: Rock Mystery Solved!

Compiled by Dale Kaplan
Edited and designed by Gisella Snailer

If you are still in Dumbo and have noticed painted rocks with positive messages randomly place around the neighborhood, you are not the only one. Several members of Dumbo Direct documented these sightings on Instagram and with a little research the mystery was solved. The Aventajado family has been busted for spreading  love, kindness and hope to our a community during this difficult time.

When I reached out to parents Xandro and Danielle and their children Rico (10) and Lucia (7), this was their message to Dumbo and the world:


“THANK YOU so very much for including our rocks #loverockhappy in your story about what DUMBO people are doing to help during the pandemic. We as a family are so happy to spread a little love, joy and happiness around the neighborhood by painting rocks and leaving them around the park to help brighten peoples day!  We are humbled by all of the posts and comments that we’ve seen and received!  It seems that our rocks are helping!  The hashtag #loverockhappy has helped us to be able to track them on social media.  Our hope is that other families will do the same!!  We encourage people to do this too!  Acrylic paint and sharpies work best because they don’t wash off in the rain.”

When asked, each family member shared their favorite saying:

Danielle- It takes both sunshine and rain to make rainbows…. This too shall pass!

Xandro- Positive Vibes!
Rico- You’re awesome!
Lucia- Be the one! 

We are so grateful for your contribution of hope and happiness and we are lucky to have you as neighbors.

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    Larry leonardi
    May 6, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    You guys are the best. Thank you for the spreading the love .🍕🍕

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