DUMBO Show&Tell: DUMBOites Show Off Their Favorite Threads

DUMBO Show & Tell:
Q: What piece of clothing expresses your quintessential essence?

Jan Bell – Musician
Founder of the Americana Music Festival

“I am not sure where I got this shirt it was either New Orleans of Eureka Springs in the Ozarks . I am attached to it because It was the first cowboy shirt I ever found that was designed for a woman’s shape. Plus it was a bargain at five bucks. I never spend more than $10.00 for a piece of clothing. The color brings out my eyes and I always liked the pearly snaps.

The boots are from Nashville, Indiana. I purchased them while visiting Bean Blossom, Billman Monroe’s festival grounds. Monroe was the father of Bluegrass. They are a perfect hybrid combination of biker and cowboy boots. Another bargain, 2 pairs for 200.00. I also like the green and brown combination. As you can see, I spend a bit more on footwear.”

Lucas Hoeffel – Photographer
Co-Founder, Bella & Brava Studios

“Blue is my favorite color. And this shirt was a gift from my girlfriend. I love the way blue translates into textiles. It makes me feel like rain .”

Irene Kalina-Jones – Horticulturist
Outside Spaces

“I saw a woman in Soho wearing these coveralls and it was love at first sight. I just had to have them. The woman said she bought them in London and the brand was Mac Coveralls. I started following the store on Instagram and I went to London specifically to try them on and hopefully buy a pair. They cost $175.00. I traveled all through Spain, without hardly taking them off and everybody loved them.They are very practical and you can dress them up or down. I forgot to add that they are unisex. I have offered to lend them to my husband, but he is not a coveralls type of guy. In London I have spotted men wearing them over a shirt and tie and they look fabulous.”

Emiko Shinozaki – Jewelry Designer
Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry

“I was just starting my fashion design education at F.I.T. and was on vacation in Canada. At that time, I had a complete obsession with the brand Comme des Garcons. I was making a living as a classical violinist and there was no way that I could afford anything in their collection. Well, I was in Canada and wandered into a store in Montreal. There before my very eyes a fashion miracle manifested. I found this fabulous Comme des Garcons skirt on the deeply discounted rack. I had to have it. It was $600.00 Canadian dollars. I completely emptied out my wallet and never looked back. It still remains the most expensive piece of clothing that I own and I only wear it on special occasions. The last time I wore it was for the Manus x Manus opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and now for the Dumbo Direct photo shoot.”

Manager- Brooklyn Roasting Company

“I walked into Old Navy one day saw the jacket and fell in love. I wore it all through the fall and then it became winter and I didn’t want to take if off. It was not warm enough for winter but I made it work. I just feel my best in this jacket. I am not looking forward to summer.”

Joseph Setton – Graphic Designer
Creative Director +plusign & DUMBO DIRECT Co-Founder

“This is my favorite outfit because it’s pretty much the only one I wear. After years of fine tuning, I’ve come up with a uniform of sorts that works for me in most situations, it’s based on a light gray oxford shirt that Mark Burnett cuts the collar off of and dark gray chinos. Comfortable and versatile, I’ve accumulated over ten identical shirt/pant sets which gives my closet a bit of a Patrick Bateman look,  most importantly though it saves me precious decision making time every morning!”

Pedro Xavier – Philosopher

“I do not have favorite outfit. I just pick my clothes by intuition without really thinking or planning. The combination of the colors just speak to me . The outfit talks to you instead of you talking to the outfit. I love color and pattern. I used to only wear black, grey and white, but I have come to the realization that color represents the true movement of life.”

Bela & Brava Studios

Outside Spaces NYC

Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Dumbo Direct