There’s a lot of love for furry friends in DUMBO! Here are some of our favorite people dedicated to pets in the neighborhood.


62 Water Street

Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, canaries and turtles, you have a friend in Dumbo and his name is Carlos Urriola. Carlos is the owner and pharmacist of The Modern Chemist located at 62 Water Street, where prescriptions can be filled for both furry and non-furry Dumboites.

When The Modern Chemist opened their first store in Park Slope 10 years ago, Carlos and his staff recognized a lack of services for the neighborhood’s beloved pets. While veterinarians universally stock their offices with an array of pet meds, there are instances when the dosages are inappropriate for specific breeds or a more complicated compound is required. For example, a chihuahua with an ear infection cannot properly metabolize the same dosage as a St. Bernard. Currently pet meds are available in all The Modern Chemist locations including Dumbo.

The Modern Chemist provides medications for animals with epilepsy, skin allergies, arthritis and other common and not so common ailments. All you need is a prescription from your veterinarian. Viagra is currently not available at this time.

Urriola even takes it a step further by adjusting to a Brooklyn dog’s sophisticated artisanal palette. For these pooches or felines, The Modern Chemist can add tuna, chicken or turkey flavoring, which makes medicine time a more tolerable experience. For finicky cats of the Morris genre, our neighborhood chemist also supplies transdermal creams for those felines that absolutely refuse or are unable to ingest their medications orally.

Some of The Modern Chemist’s satisfied customers include Viggo, a nervous rescue dog who suffered from fear of loud noises and would lapse into uncontrollable twirling, swirling, jumping, loud barking and tail biting. With a little help from Prozac, he is able to cope with sirens, construction sites, the F train and especially fireworks on July 4th, thus improving the quality of life for both him and his human, Caitlin McCann, the store’s own General Manager.

The Modern Chemist provides medications for animals with epilepsy, skin allergies, arthritis and other common and not so common ailments. All you need is a prescription from your veterinarian. Viagra is currently not available at this time.

A fun selection of pet toys and treats are available as well as an expertly curated selection of lotions, fragrances and gifts for humans. The Modern Chemist is a beautifully designed retail space and a lovely and welcomed addition to our neighborhood.

Laurie Thomas - Pet Portraits

Laurie Thomas – Commissioned Pet Portraits
68 Jay Street

Dumbo artist, Laurie Thomas continues  the time honored tradition of animal portraiture in her studio in 68 Jay Street. Following in the footsteps of Fragonard, Courbet and Frida Kahlo, Thomas brings her own signature esoteric style to express the special bond of love, innocence and loyalty that exists between humans and animals. 

The personality of each individual dog or cat is lovingly portrayed through her poetic style, mastery of color and deep respect for all creatures.  Her work is brilliant, sensitive and joyful.

Viewing her gallery of portraits may result in an immediate trip to your local shelter and a new furry friend to cuddle and love.

Laurie shows internationally. and her portraits start at $1500

Rocky “Uncle Rock” Conway – NEW YORK DOGS ROCK

Rocky Conway known as “Uncle Rock” to his clients has achieved iconic status as a beloved dog walker in Dumbo. His signature bandana  coupled with his one hoop earring and rugged, piratesque face, Dumbo’s Rocky radiates love and dedication as he skillfully walks up to 20 dogs a day. 


Dog walking, says Rocky liberated me from the 9-5 world. I used to fill in for a dog walker friend while he was on vacation. The owner of that company then offered me a job. After a few months I decided to go at it alone and bought a dog walking route from a woman in Dumbo. Shortly after the purchase many of her initial customers moved away and panic mode set in. 


In order to survive, Rocky  had to build up the business by word of mouth. “I think it is my recap that saved my business and has helped it to flourish.” In the past, mini post it notes were used to leave dog owners a short recap of any concerns or information about their beloved canines. With the advancement of technology, people began requesting their recaps on their  mobile devices. “These daily notations, in which I tend to ramble, successfully communicated to my customers the true affection and understanding that I had for their dogs,” says Rocky. More than one client has suggested that he write a children’s book.

Rocky states that in his line of work, human psychology is as important as animal psychology. 

You must keep the pooch and  pooch parents happy by remaining open minded, patient and tolerant of  4 legged and 2 legged quirks. 

One situation which he was unable to resolve involves a woman who refused to believe that her rescue dog was a pit bull. She would allow the dog to run freely up and down the hallways in her apartment building without a leash. Rocky tried to explain to her why the neighbors were a bit wary yet she still believed wholeheartedly that her dog was a lab mix. 

Despite the occasional issue, Rock feels that the overwhelming majority of his Dumbo clients are amazing. “A few years ago, when I had to move, one of my favorite dog families offered that I stay with them while looking for a new place.”

Currently searching for a business partner, “Uncle Rock” has plans to expand . However he is adamant that he rejects the current corporate model of dog walking and pledges that  New York Dogs Rock will always retain the character of a mom and pop establishment.

Rocky’s 4 rules of dog ownership are the following

1- Love



4- Boundaries.

“Working with dogs is love like you have never experienced. It is a tremendous pure and innocent soul to soul relationship”.

The Modern Chemist

Laurie A Thomas

New York Dogs Rock