Nick Procaccino Bread & Spread DUMBO

DUMBO DARLING: Nick Procaccino of Bread & Spread

Text by Dale Kaplan

Nick Procaccino, manager of Bread & Spread, is the latest recipient of the Dumbo Darling award. His warm smile, welcoming kind nature and skill at the stove has earned him this coveted honor.


Born in Glen Cove now living in Greenpoint, he is a familiar figure among patrons at Bread and Spread where he has been master of the stove for over 3 years.


“Bread and Spread is the most authentic place that I have ever worked,” states the honoree. The owner, John is a chef himself and is passionate about every detail regarding food preparation. Bread & Spread’s focus is on freshness. Our shop does not buy in bulk. Deliveries come every single day, not every week to insure the best and freshest ingredients” adds Nick.

Procaccino believes that Dumboites are the best customers. “There is zero snobbery here."

As for the neighborhood itself, Procaccino believes that Dumboites are the best customers. “There is zero snobbery here. In some shops the customers can treat you like hired help, in this community we treat each other like friends and equals. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat.”


In accepting the Dumbo Darling award, Procacciono asked to give a shout out to his co-workers who he considers family. As a customer of Bread and Spread, I can attest that they are a great bunch of people and their strong comraderie and work ethic is evident every single day. A big shout out to Brendan, Joshio, Josh, Darryl, Danny, Brian, Jasmine, Jen, Kyle, John, Marvin, Jayrissa and Rosie.


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