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    We provide professionally curated, high quality and licensed background music to businesses in the U.S.A. Any business (coffee shops, spas, restaurants,etc.) that provides background music to their customers are required to pay the royalties to Performing Rights Organizations. These organizations help songwriters and publishers get paid for the usage of their music by collecting performance royalties. When a business pays the royalties directly to these PRO's, it usually costs thousands of dollars for the venue per year and they are paying only for the licenses, not the music! On the other hand, subscribing to a licensed music provider like Jukeboxy Music eliminates these costs and makes it much easier and economical for businesses to be 100% compliant with the law while providing quality music to their customers. When a venue won’t obtain these licenses, the consequences could be harsh. Every year, thousands of businesses are being penalized for using unlicensed music. Unfortunately, some businesses are forced to shut down because of the back royalties they owe, and the bill is too high to pay.

    What We Do
    • Background Music Service for Business Use
    • Branded and Customized Music Service for Business Use
    • In-Store Audio Message Service
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