Isaac Myers III, Esq.

Real Estate Litigation/Foreclosure Defense/Bankruptcy


    Isaac Myers III, Esq. is an attorney who has always fought for the little guy. For several years, he worked as a civil rights attorney and represented individuals who had been falsely arrested, subjected to excessive force, and had their Constitutional Rights violated by members of the New York City Police Department.

    Most recently, he has expanded his practice and has devoted his time to representing homeowners throughout every phase of the foreclosure process, while also handling general real estate litigation matters as they arise.

    He works with a patient, friendly, and service-oriented approach, and is committed to providing excellent representation to each of his clients. If you have any questions, or would like his help, please do not hesitate to contact him today.

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    • Real Estate Litigation. Foreclosure Defense. Bankruptcy.
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    Isaac Myers III, Esq.

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