FuturePerfect Creative Studio


    "FuturePerfect is a transdisciplinary creative studio and research collective based in Brooklyn, New York. We create unique groundbreaking work across digital media, visual art, live performance, and frontier technologies.


    We work with clients to design, build, and implement artistic and commercial projects, we originate new work, and we consult with governments and institutions. We specialize in pioneering new approaches to creating work.


    Our work comes about through playful experimentation and serious research. We are driven by a compulsive desire to bring people together who seem to occupy disparate histories, training systems, cultural backgrounds, and disciplinary fields. Our experience is that this kind of deep heterogeneous play has the potential of producing new questions and important insights into both artistic and social processes.


    We choose projects that are capable of creating links between disparate worlds and creating dialogues between impenetrable institutions, forms of knowledge, classes, and ethnicities.


    We are non-hierarchical and eclectic in our aesthetic interests, resisting divisions between high and low or pop and experimental. Performance as an organizing principle and practice is central to our work, not as an end, but as a point of departure—a place from which we leave to other destinations.
    We’ve induced intense hallucinations in hundreds of audience members, invented new instruments for an underwater music concert, made theatrical interventions in public libraries, deployed databases and algorithms to generate new dramatic texts, and with computer vision developed a live animation system for a French Shakespeare production.


    Our clients and collaborators have included 3LD, Australia Arts Council, BAM, Between Music, Chico MacMurtrie, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, CLICK Festival, ELEKTRA, Elevator Repair Service, Fusebox Festival, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, New York Live Arts, New York Theatre Workshop, Nike, PS122, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Théâtre de l’Union, The Danish Ministry for Culture, The Watermill Center, Verdensteatret, and Alan Øyen."

    What We Do
    • Artistic Development
    • Concept Development
    • Consulting
    • Creative Producing
    • Cultural Strategy
    • Curation
    • Interactive Design
    • Media Design
    • Production Design
    • Project Management
    Point Person

    Wayne Ashley

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