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    The fitness goals for everybody are as diverse as the Brooklyn population. To serve these varied needs, we offer a goal-based program and coaching.

    Whether you want to lose a little belly fat and “firm up” some squishy parts, get moving again after being sedentary for too long, or you want to find your peak athleticism so that you can dominate the weekends in your hobbies of choice, our program is for you. Our coaches are trained to listen and determine the best way to help our members achieve their goals.

    You don’t have to be in shape to start! We love introducing people who haven’t exercised in years to what we do. We teach people how to move well, which keeps them injury-free and inspired to continue pursuing their health and fitness goals. The long-term result is some amazingly happy and fit people.

    What We Do
    • CrossFit
    • GYM
    • Weightlifting
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    Jose Rodriguez

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